Sadly people always seem to think I am mad at them. Just a side effect of being in a position of power. Here are some rules to figure out if I am actually mad at you or not.

Rule 1: Ammit is not mad at you. If Ammit is mad at you will be informed directly and loudly. Otherwise your just reading emotion that is not there.
Rule 2: Ammit is not mad at you for something that happened 3 weeks ago. Ammit can hardly remember what she had for dinner last night.
Rule 3: Ammit is not mad at you if she tells you something. Just because she corrected you or reminded you of a rule does not mean she thinks you are a bad person or evil or a baby murder or even really cares that you did it. She is just doing her job.
Rule 4: Ammit is not still mad at you. Ammit does not hold grudges. See rule 2.