Work on Hajinc started in December of '05 and opened for beta testing in April '06. I was happy to open our site up for full release on June 1st of 2006, making this month our 4th anniversary month. This anniversary is a particularly special one for me because in coincides with so many milestones that you all helped make possible.

As just about everyone knows Scott and I have recently made the trip from California to Indiana and our now living in a wonderful town-home in downtown Indianapolis. While we did live in our own place in Davis, I do consider this our first real home on our own. We are starting from scratch with just about everything. Such a move would never have been possible if this site was not thriving and supporting us. I can not stress enough how exceedingly humbled we are by the support of our tens of thousands of members, and grateful that we have each of you. These last few months have really marked a milestone where our site has changed from just making it to allowing us to live comfortably. We hope to return this favor buy using the efforts of two full time dedicated programmers to make this site even better. We would not be here in our new home without your wonderful help and support.

Excitingly enough this is not just our 4th year anniversary, this month marks several more milestones. We are also celebrating our 1,000,000th horse. That means on average someone was creating 1 horse every two minuets for nonstop for four years, and we all know in reality that number is much much higher for this past year.

In the next few weeks we also will be reaching member number 100,000. In the past few months we have been gaining a few hundred members every day!

So as you can see this month has been huge for Scott and I. So many really big milestones have come up all at once which is why we will be giving out prizes and thank yous to all of our members this month.

I hope you all enjoy and we look forward to many years to come.