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  1. The Rather Inclusive Rules List
  2. Forum Filters
  3. Ammit on Facebook
  4. Ideas & Discussion: Stable Page Code Rules and Into This Horse Vote
  5. Handing out some major red cars
  6. Horrible Tragic News
  7. Profit Tracker
  8. Ohhh Secret Project
  9. Members Listen Up
  10. I know officaly own a server farm *dies*
  11. Poppy and Wheat
  12. New Stable Page Layout
  13. The Forum Is moving
  14. Reputation is now hidden from receiver.
  15. Paypal Crawling
  16. Very Happy News
  17. Can no longer access ().hajinc.com
  18. Sunwolf
  19. Ya know reputation is still there
  20. Secret Project Revealed: HueHorse.com
  21. Sarah Fowler?
  22. Whats comming up
  23. Happy Fall!
  24. Change of Policy for Blogs
  25. A bit behind on payments
  26. October Sale on Hajibucks and Shobucks
  27. Intense Changes coming to Hajinc/Shoco: Color Pack 3
  28. CP3 Sample (file size warning)
  29. How to Pronounce (and spell) Kinetocore
  30. Rules reminder
  31. CP3 timeline change - New sample <--- look
  32. CP3 Beta -prepost
  33. Color Pack 3 Beta
  34. rebooting the shoco server
  35. Good News Everybody
  36. Patterns now 25% easier to create!
  37. Hajinc Foundation Rescue -Now you can stop clogging the sales board!
  38. An important note about rerolling images
  39. CP3 0.2 - Some Markings -White -First Brindle
  40. If you like it save it
  41. CP3 .3 Splash White with additional filler
  42. Pattern Time!: The Create Button She Calls for you
  43. Foundation Rescue Back Up
  44. CP3 .4: Hajinc Reroll -Splash White, Appaloosa, Rabicano
  45. New Iv Feature: Portrait Reroll
  46. Ahem
  47. Please Log Out then Back In -May be errors
  48. Report Max Connection errors
  49. Payments will be processed tomarrow then stop untill 12/1/08
  50. Kinetocore Holiday Radio
  51. Happy Holidays!
  52. Colors That will be rerolled
  53. Hate to tell you guys but....
  54. If you created a Uni horse with Frame...
  55. Made Some forum changes last night
  56. Not an announcement but a discussion about showing
  57. The very naughty member register.
  58. Uncomming Ideas For 2009
  59. The registration process has chainged slightly
  60. Your KD Dream feature
  61. Change to referral system
  62. An Update from MSF
  63. In a movement for all fairness Reputation has been reset.
  64. We will be switching over to Google Checkout
  65. Good News Everybody!
  66. StockHorseCorp is moving in the next 48hrs
  67. Level Five Price and Features List
  68. Pending Migration
  69. Rebooting
  70. HueHorse.com and Kinetocore Design Forums Will be Closed Tomorrow 10am to Noon.
  71. Sorry about the down time
  72. Gift Certificates Heads Up
  73. Hajinc and Shoco Gift Certificates are now for sale
  74. Updates for the next few weeks
  75. Introducing for the '09 Holidays: The glittering metallic horses of the Pearl Gene.
  76. Upcomming for 2010
  77. KD Games News Feed
  78. Lots of New members so a punctuation rule reminder
  79. Happy 4th Anniversary Hunt & Jump Inc.
  80. 3 Million Dollar Race To The Top!
  81. Server Will be Advanced to Eastern Time July 15th
  82. Nosy Much
  83. Members are NEVER to post referral links on Craigslist
  84. HueHorse Expansion
  85. New Mod, Greeters and Reputation
  86. A Reminder on Passwords: Do NOT Use Horses or Password
  87. Greeters are NOT Moderators please do not harrass them
  88. Is Ammit Mad At me? Rules to figuring it out.
  89. Please Respect My Privacy and Do Not Message Me on Facebook
  90. A thank you
  91. Email From Me to You!
  92. You guys asked for it, so get ready for a sweet treat!
  93. Great Big Holiday Sale!
  94. It's Solstice! We need to bring back the sun!
  95. A Chirstmas gift from Haystack
  96. Candy Ponies and Era 3!
  97. The more you roll for a new DHH the better your odds
  98. A heads up that I am busy and will be occupied
  99. Upcoming change to SSO forums. Please read.
  100. A general warning about apostrophes. Do not use them.